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High Speed 2: Third Contract Signed by the French Company CBE Group

Work on the first phase of High Speed 2, the highly significant mega-project in the UK, progresses.

Upon completing this stage between 2029 and 2023, a new high-speed railway line will be built, connecting metropolitan areas, including Birmingham, London, Manchester, and Leeds.

CBE Group, a French company, was chosen as the preferred contractor alongside ALIGN JV for the C1 Lot in 2019. However, it has succeeded in sealing a second deal associated with 2 lots, The Bromford Lot, and The Long Itchington Lot, providing moulds and carousels for 3 lots in total.

Estefania Palacios, CBE Project Manager for the C1 and Long Itchington lots, explained: « The main challenges are the complexity of English norms, high tolerance requirements, and administrative management, especially for shipping, because of Brexit. »

The company has a great journey ahead as it plans to enter the fourth round of negotiations to construct the next Lot of Europe’s biggest infrastructure project.

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