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Granting Materials Handling Contract by TELT

Mont Cenis Base Tunnel Project Location in Italy

The permit of reusing the excavated material from the Mont Cenis base tunnel in Italy, was issued by Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin (TELT) under the €648m contract.

According to the contract, CO 10, a consortium of Piedmontese companies Cogeis, CO.GE.FA., TRA.MA, Cavit, MS Plant Technology and Swiss company Hupac Intermodal, are due to manage the logistics and reuse. TELT said choosing one company capable of both processes was in line with its circular economy ethos.

The expected quantity for rocks that extracted on the Italian side of the tunnel and will be reused on the project, including for railway embankments and in the production of concrete for the lining segments of the main tunnels, is more than 50% of the 7 million tons. Material that cannot be repurposed will be transported by train to Torrazza Piemonte and Caprie, where it will be used as fill for disused quarries.

While the date of commencing work on the Italian section of the Mont Cenis base tunnel was late last year, UXT, a consortium of Itinera, Ghella and Spie Batignolle, is responsible for the tunneling works between Maddalena di Chiomonte and Susa.

The 57.5km Mont Cenis base tunnel (12.5 km in Italy and 45km in France) will be one of the longest rail tunnels in the world following its completion.

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