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Factory Acceptance Tests Passed – Terratec TBMs are Ready for Taiwan

Terratec TBM for Taoyuan MRT Green Line Project

Taiwan’s Taoyuan Mass Rapid Transit Green Line received Terratec‘s last two of four EPBMs.

In order to advancing the underground works of contract GC03, the two 8.38m diameter EPBMs, delivered to Futsu-Obayashi-Cec Joint Venture (FOC JV) on behalf of group company JIMT. While the works are four underground stations with two 2.6km drives, determined date for commencing the tunneling process is the second half of this year.

Totally four EPBMs of JIMT has been acquired by FOC JV for this contract, and Factory Acceptance Tests of the first two 6.24m diameter machines completed in 2021.

Due to the geology of route that includes sandstone and boulders, the final two 8.38m diameter EPBMs have robust spoke type with outer ring cutterheads. They will discharge large boulders through the ribbon-type screw conveyor.

Also VFD electric cutterhead drives, disc roller cutters and reinforced cutting tools for gravel layers, high torque screw conveyors, active articulation systems as well as state-of-the-art guidance and control systems, are the other features of these machines. While advancement of TBMs, they are slated to install 1,200mm-wide by 350mm-thick reinforced concrete lining rings, comprising six segments plus a key. Muck cars will be used.

JIMT and Terratec are the sole supplier of all seven new TBMs for the Green Line. As well as the four manufactured for FOC JV, three 6.24m diameter EPBMs were provided to Bes-Daiho-Okumura JV for its Green Line Contract GC02, two of which were produced in JIMT’s factory in Japan.

Locating at the Taoyuan Metro, the Taoyuan MRT Green Line is a rapid transit line, whereas the new 27.8km line has 21 stations, 10 of them underground. The 2026 is the scheduled date for completion of this line.

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