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Brenner Base Tunnel’s Exploratory Tunnel Excavation Finished

Brenner Base Tunnel’s Exploratory tunnel excavation finished

On 24th November, BBT Serena TBM which has a diameter of 6.85m, length of nearly 300m, and weight 1,500 t has reached the Brenner Pass.

The machine has bored more than 14 km of tunnel in 3.5 years. The mining of the exploratory tunnel on the Italian side of the BBT – the sustainable megaproject that is going to link Italy to Austria via the Alps, commissioned by BBT SE – is now finished.

The new step forward brings the boring of the Mules 2-3 lot to 82%. Now, Serena is going to be disassembled inside the tunnel. The machine has operated as an underground factory, guaranteeing none stop excavation of the tunnel. It tunneled 4km per year despite the difficulties associated with the COVID situation.

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