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BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project – Preparing for Early Construction Activities at Newhall Yard site

BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project

VTA’s tunnel and trackwork contractor, Kiewit, Shea, Traylor (KST) in cooperation with the Cities of San José and Santa Clara and the BSVII Project Team, have provided a Construction Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) in order to preparing for construction of VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension Project. Early construction activities of the VTA’s Newhall Yard property, where the TBM will be commissioned (an area referred to as the west tunnel portal) and the location of the future Santa Clara Station, are the specific aims of this plan. Additionally, coordinating automobile, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian movements, truck hauling, general and emergency access, as well as decreasing transportation impacts to the extent feasible during construction at and around the work site, are the other purposes of this plan.

Also in order to preparing the site for the launch of the TBM at the west tunnel portal, early construction activities at the Newhall Yard property are intended. The west tunnel portal is due to be dug and supported with reinforced concrete walls to create space for assembling and launching the TBM. Moreover, the construction of site entrances, a tunnel lining factory where tunnel lining segments will be constructed and stored before being placed in the tunnel, a grout plant to produce grout to seal the tunnel lining segments together, the excavated materials bin to store excavated materials until hauled offsite to be repurposed or disposed of, and a noise curtain along the west side of the site to reduce noise from construction activities, are slated to be the other early construction activities.

The responsibility of developing additional contract/area specific CTMPs and advancement of future contractors for additional work areas will be up to KST.

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