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Ashbridges Bay Wastewater outfall tunnel

The second-largest sewage facility in Canada Ashbridges Bay takes the wastewater outfall 7m diameter tunnel project (3.5Km in length) to the next level as the TBM manufactured by Robbins company is being assembled to start its drive in autumn. The preferred proponent group is the Southland Mole of Canada-Astaldi Canada JV. Hatch and Jacobs’s consulting team and the Baird group, will provide engineering consulting services.

Ashbridges Bay Wastewater project aims to house a replacement outfall pipe to the one built in 1947 from an on-shore vertical shaft 85m deep x 14 diameters, increase treated wastewater both in quality and capacity, speed up flow discharges especially in case of periodic heavy downpours.

As of 2019, the City of Toronto passed a resolution to undertake the purposed project at the Ontario lakebed south of the existing Ashbridge’s plant. For this purpose, 50 vertical risers positioned alongside the end of the tunnel are drilled. As the TBM progress, the connection between pipe and risers will be carried out from inside.

It is estimated that the construction will conclude in 2025.

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