Swedish wastewater tunnel is going to be reconstructed by Peab

Reconstructing a wastewater treatment plant and tunnel in Henriksdal, Stockholm, Sweden has been commissioned to Peab.

The £21.4M (SEK254M) contract includes a new plant in Sickla along with reconstructing current basins in Henriksdal and a new wastewater tunnel from Bromma to the Sickla plant in Hammarbybacken.

Peab is going to reconstruct the plant in preparation for installation of the improved and new biological treatment process with four post-sedimentation basins and four aeration basins.

This work is going to be completed underground while the existing plant is in operation.

 “It feels incredibly inspiring as a community builder to be part of making Stockholm’s future wastewater treatment more efficient. This is a project that contributes to improving a public utility and providing Stockholm’s residents with better conditions for sustainability and the environment,” stated Carl Johan Söderberg, Peab region manager.

The construction will start in June 2021 and is anticipated to be finish by July 2023.

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