Strata Worldwide Announced a Strategic Partnership with Nerospec SK

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Strata Worldwide has revealed a novel intelligent mining partnership with Nerospec SK, the technology expert.

Nerospec SK is an R&D, product design, application design, and solutions architecture company based in Velbert, Germany. It is a joint venture between German company Schmidt-Kranz Group and South Africa’s Nerospec Group.

Mike Berube, CEO of Strata Worldwide stated: “Together the companies will offer a range of intelligent machine controllers and data loggers that interface with machinery and vehicles to provide health and maintenance data, real-time monitoring, and productivity analytics.”

The connected technology operates to boost the monitoring, safety, maintenance, and productivity of machinery.

He also added: “Our company has a history of technology partnerships that allow us to remain nimble and responsive to our customer’s needs.”

Berube asserted: “We have worked with Neropsec SK on mining projects in South Africa and now through this partnership we are excited to bring this world-class technology to the rest of our global markets and customers.”

The Nerospec SK technology expert is OEM-independent and can be tailored particularly for individual customer demands. The solutions can add the highest value to customers by offering informed decision-making, reliable connectivity, and real-time automation for any type, brand, and generation of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Eric Pohlmann, the CEO of Nerospec SK mentioned: “This partnership combines each of our firm’s strengths.”

“Strata excels in a variety of technologies for mine safety and communications, and Nerospec SK has developed best-in-class data acquisition and machine control systems,” continued Pohlmann.

Currently, Strata Worldwide offers the StrataHub range of controllers for intelligent machine interfacing to the global mining and tunneling industries.

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