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Socotec UK Buys Rotary Drilling Specialist

Rotary Drilling Specialist

Tor Drilling has been added to Socotec UK’s geotechnical portfolio, which is a provider of testing, inspection, and compliance services.

Tor Drilling, that is located in Glastonbury, Somerset, has been involved in geotechnical, environmental, and site investigation contracts since 1985 and is a specialist in in-situ bioremediation.

While the fifth acquisition of Socotec UK since 2017 is Tor Drilling, the UK is the second most important geographical platform in the Socotec Group after France due to a turnover of £140M and more than 1,700 employees.

Socotec UK CEO Nicolas Detchepare said: “Socotec UK has a long heritage of delivering high-quality services to help our clients to minimize ground-related uncertainty and risk, as well as maximizing efficiencies. Capital spending on infrastructure in 2021-22 is set to total £120bn, creating new opportunities for both construction projects and monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure.”

“The acquisition of Tor Drilling allows us to enhance our site investigation portfolio, adding capabilities such as sonic drilling, ground remediation, slope access platform, and hollow stem drilling systems, further strengthening our technical expertise in the construction sector,” added Nicolas Detchepare.

Earlier this year, Nicolas Detchepare has been appointed as Socotec UK’s new CEO.

According to Tor Drilling director Colin Reeves: “This is an exciting new chapter in the story of Tor Drilling, one that will enable appropriate investment to support growth, develop our infrastructure and provide significant opportunities for staff development.”

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