Rhino and Mantis: The Shotcrete Winning Duo

The RHINO and MANTIS are two new machines that recently have been added to the range of CIFA machines for the world of underground works.

RHINO is a static pump dedicated to shotcrete, while MANTIS is a self-propelled telescopic boom mounted on rubber tracks. Due to their size and specifications, they are ideal for small and medium-sized jobs.

For boosting safety and work efficiency for operators during projection, MANTIS composed with RHINO to avoid the difficulties related with the manual handling of a shotcrete nozzle. Actually, controlling the boom from a safe distance and not supporting the hose and lance with arms, are some advantages of the nozzlemen.

MANTIS secures whole autonomy of movement even on rough terrain with its two self-braking rubber tracks hydraulically operated, it is capable to move easily on tough sites and high slopes.

Some applications of MANTIS are: all types of shotcrete applications, both wet and dry, in tunnels as well as outdoors, for example, to consolidate slopes. Moreover, dual diesel and electric drive for maximum versatility, are some features of this machine.


  • Dual use: complete operation in both diesel and electric modes with 400V mains connection
  • Front and rear stabilizers, with stem protection, for better stability even on sloping terrain
  • Compactness for easy handling and transport
  • Lifting by a single eye
  • Large tool compartment included in the machine body
  • Radio control both to control the translation and during the work increasing safety and practicality of use. The operator can always be optimally positioned to obtain the best visibility and safety
  • Excellent maneuverability of the telescopic boom composed of 4 segments with stainless steel protection cover and guides for easy sliding
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the easy access guaranteed by the two large side doors.


  • Electronic control panel with anti-theft code
  • Additive dosing is synchronized with the pumping output
  • Worm pump for additive dosing to obtain a precise, continuous and regular flow
  • Electric vibrator on the hopper grid, ideal in case of fibers
  • Compact size for easy transport on site
  • 2 manual front stabilizers for placement on site
  • Large side doors and internal layout of components make maintenance and inspection easier
  • Allows the use of steel pipes or rubber hoses of different diameters in relation to the grain size of the aggregates to be pumped
  • 4 hooks for lifting with sling bar

RHINO is a stationary pump significantly purposed for shotcrete with S-valve and adjustable flow rate. Application of grouting concrete and mortar is also possible in this machine. With its 80 bar of maximum pressure RHINO can pump from 2 to 15 cubic meters per hour of concrete up to remarkable distances and heights.

Click here for CIFA’s Magazine and also visit  this site for further information about the company.

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