New Chair of UK’s PJA is COWI Tunnel Director

New chair of UK’s PJA appointed

For the first time the UK-based Pipe Jacking Association (PJA) recent chairman is a consulting engineer.

During PJA’s 45-year history, the COWI tunnel project’s Technical Director (Tunnels), Jim Kirby, is the first consulting engineer who is appointed as chairman. This choice is considered as heralding a new and progressive era for the PJA.

The 25 years long experiences of Kirby comprise of contracting and consultancy experience, specialty in tunneling, pipe jacking, shafts, and pipelines.

According to Kirby’s commenting on his appointment: “The PJA has been active in a number of key areas, including education and research, technical innovation, and industry standards. We plan to continue and grow these activities and to raise awareness of pipe jacking as one of the primary methods for installing drainage and other utilities in urban areas with the minimum of disruption, and significantly reducing carbon outputs.”

The PJA announces best practice for cost-effective and environmentally sensitive installations of underground utility services. Providing design advisory publications; CPD lectures and technology presentations; and instigating research at leading academic institutions are the other services of this team. Moreover, surveying the consequence of carbon savings by using this company’s carbon calculator and showing the benefits of non-disruptive pipe jacking methods is possible.

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