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New Achievements in Grand Paris Express Project

TBM breaks through in Grand Paris Express Tunnel

Line 15 South – TBM Camille completed excavation

In October 2019 TBM Camille’s journey started from the Creteil l’Echat station and after digging a 4.2km distance reached Salengro (Champigny-sur-Marne) on Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express: click here to view a video. TBM’s dismantling and transporting process will be done by special convoys all summer long. While TBM Camille is the 5th TBM to complete its drive for Line 15 South, by the end of 2021 all the other 5 TBMs on Line 15 South will reach their final destination having driven 33 km in total.

Line 16 – TBM Ines’s ultimate destination

TBM EPB Ines with 9.83m diameter attained its ultimate destination at Hugo au Blanc-Mesnil at nearly 23 m deep on 20 July 2021. Although the Ines is the first TBM to finish its drive for Line 16, it has the capacity of excavating 3.08 km in 11 months, linking 1 station, 3 service structures, and 2 connection structures. The process of separating the TBM is going to be done over the next 3 months and the pieces will then be carried and taken away in convoys off the site.

For tunnelingworld archive please click here and here. Also, visit this website for detailed information.

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