Mapei Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing Systems

Mapei Concrete restoration and waterproofing systems

Currently one of the significant concerns of the construction market is the preservation of underground infrastructure. While, maintenance involves priority activities, in order to maintain the value of available structures and guarantee safety conditions for users.

Engineer Alessio Chieregato of Mapei UTT in his presentation on the second day of the SIG Conference during Expo Ferroviaria 2021, which was allocated to industrialization in the construction and maintenance processes of underground infrastructures, intended to briefly show a real operations cycle aimed to solving problems encountered in existing tunnels, emphasizing the use of innovative materials for the complete restoration of the damaged structures.

In order to assure the suitable conservation and also a gradual renewal of the life cycle of the national infrastructure assets, this operational approach has resulted in a deep synergy between designers, executors, and suppliers.

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