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Landmark Moment in the Marana Tunnel on SS260

Marana Tunnel Project Team

The Marana tunnel with 1148m length (1,148 m), which is a section of the construction works for the Amatrice – Montereale – L’Aquila section on the SS 260 Picente in Italy, achieved significant success on 16 July 2021. This project with the whole value of EUR 61 million, also involves adaptation and modernization works of the (C2 type) road section of the SS 260 Picente, from km 12.340 of the current state road (south of Marana) to the intersection with SS260dir ex SP 106 Capannelle, near Piedicolle city. Expanding this route for around 6 km in the Montereale municipality will include the Capitignano municipality, both in the L’Aquila province in the last part. The Mogliette viaduct (130 m),4 bridges with a 30-70 length, and also the Marana tunnel, are the subset infrastructures of this project, which is due to be completed by the end of July 2022.

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