Infra.To selected for Turin Metro’s Line 2

Infra.To, the company owned by the City of Turin as a sole shareholder, is now in charge to carry out the following phase of underground tunneling regarding Turin Metro’s Line 2. The City Council marked a domestic company Infra.To to go through the final design process so it can avoid a time-consuming tender process.
The final conversations towards signing a contract with MIT, to assist underground expansions, was settled by July. The first construction stage of Line 2 stretching from Rebaudengo station to the Polytechnic University, a 1.5 billion Euros contract, is on the run since July 2020. Subsequently, excavation is expected to begin in 2024.

Palazzo Civico has already funded an 828 million grant. The Cassa Depositi e Prestiti bank will be able to invest 400 to 600 million Euros in the project considering their recent success.

Source: Tunnel Builder

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