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Buca Bornova, Turkish Road Tunnel

Turkish Road Tunnel Buca-Bornova

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is inviting the tenders to complete the construction of the Buca-Bornova Tunnel, as a part of the key transportation project in the coastal city of Izmir.

The €100 million project is going to comprise the longest stretch of underground highway in Izmir.

Once finished, the districts of Bornova and Buca are going to be linked by the 2.5km highway tunnel, set to be the longest one in the city.

This project is a part of the second phase of a 7km express route, with a measured value of €101 million, organized to link the Izmir coach terminal in Bornova with the district of Konak.

The double-tube tunnel will have 7.5m high and 10.6m wide and is going to host four lanes of the highway at a maximum depth of 70m. The successful contractor will be tasked with the completion of the tunnel, 65% of the construction having already been built.

Other tenders within the second phase of the plan comprise the construction of two underpasses, eight culverts, five intersections, and two overpasses.

Further intersections, underpasses, and overpasses will be comprised in later phases of the project, which is expected to be completed in 2024.

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