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A three-kilometer Water Pipeline is being Built Under Palma

Palma Three Kilometre Water Pipeline Tunnel

The major building operation carries on in Palma where a pipeline covering three kilometers is being made in five sections.

The funding is being provided by the Balearic Government (with a budget of €22,609,330) and is collected through the sanitation fee charged to residents.

Works on the first section is now finished and covers 716 meters, being built by a TBM which took four months.

Once completed, the two-meter pipeline is going to collect, conduct and store wastewater and rainwater to purify it and stop spills in the Bay of Palma in cases of rain and there is going to be a pumping station and treatment plant.

The work, which has seen relatively long-term employment for some 40 people will be carried out in the next section which is going to cover 154 meters.

When finished, it will not only add to the water supply but also enable safe dispersal of rainwater.

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