Upcoming fireworks – Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival

On May 25, 2021 in Flums, Felix Amberg (President Hagerbach Test Gallery and owner of Amberg Group) when receiving the 2019 STUVA Award, said: “It is about time for sustainable, future-oriented innovations.”

Holding a hybrid event on 18 June 2021, is one of the main plans of Hagerbach Test Gallery (VSH), in this event they are going to showcase in a real, virtual and digital way what is VSH and its shareholders and partner’s goals for the coming 50 years.

The outlook on the next 50 years (NXT 50) will ignite fireworks of the future as a highlight – real, digital and virtual!

The Hagerbach Test Gallery is considered a leader in the technological research and progression of underground structures, and the almost 5.5 km of widely ramified tunnel system that has been made over the last 50 years possess witness to this.

Exciting presentations, round tables and acts

The determined programs for the main stage of this event are: varied program with international contributions on current topics such as the use of digital twins, the implementation of sustainable goals or the closing of circles through resource saving solutions for futureproof social development. All speeches, round tables and presentations will be streamed live online.

One of the fantastic parts of the event is surely the appearance of Reinhold Messner, who is named as speaker on the topic “Driving the NXT 50 for a sustainable world” with the potential of the mountain in mind, of course.

The launch ceremony of “Mission Earth First” and insights into the project “Vision Campus Ostschweiz” or also the Online-Voting for the best Start-Up Pitches of the “Mars Habitat Challenge” should not be missed. How will the future survival of mankind be ensured and what could a snow sports facility in a mountain look like?

You can witness all this and even more exciting lectures at our Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival, which is going to be commenced at 08:00 CET/Zurich by moderation of Miriam Rickli.

Exhibition “Inspiration Underground – real, digital and virtual”

Exhibition will play the main role of this event. Some old partners such as ACO, SIKA, IMPLENIA, CREABETON, ELKUCH, AMBERG and others, as well as new contacts will present innovations for the future generation. Live streams directly from the tunnel, as well as digital recordings and live chats, allow an extremely varied and exciting program.

Coming familiar with 3D concrete printing advantages for tunnel construction, getting to know the Test Gallery from a different side during a guided tour or have exciting conversations in our Networking Lounge, are possible by having a tour in site. The event onsite respects of course the governmental requirements due to COVID-19.

To read the press release please click here and for further information, visit this  wensite and follow their social media channels or contact them in below addresses:

Hagerbach Test Gallery – Polistrasse 1 8893 – Flums Hochwiese

Email: nsieber@hagerbach.ch

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