Tideway reveals new information

In order to revealing the scale of advancement of the super sewer project, Tideway has released stunning aerial images coinciding with the completion of the final shaft dug.

While the team currently has excavated the final of the 21 shafts on the project at King Edward Memorial Park in Wapping, this shaft, which is the deepest shaft on the project, is now ready to have its ‘base slab’ (a solid concrete base) poured within the coming month.

Considering this significant achievement in this project, Tideway has revealed new aerial imagery, which are illustrating the new land being built in the River Thames and this area created to help Tideway to develop upon the present sewer network.

Construction Engineer Harriet Cheaney said: “These helicopter images not only give us amazing views of our beautiful city, but showcase the scale of the work Tideway is doing to clean up the River Thames.”

He added: “We’ve now built around 20km of the 25km super sewer and are around 65 per cent complete – but these amazing photos really bring the scale of our task to life. With this final shaft now complete, teams across Tideway have an eye on the finish line and are working around the clock to complete this job and clean up the River Thames.”

Following completion of the project in 2025, the plan is to retaking the new land from the river and using it as completely available new public space. To view the images please click here.

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