Terratec EPBM to tackle tough Taiwan terrain

Terratec which is a well-known TBM maker has provided a 6.24m-diameter EPBM (EPB TBM) to BES-Daiho-Okumara Joint Venture for its underground constructions contract on Taoyuan City’s MRT Green Line Contract GC02, Taiwan.

The Green Line, one of Taoyuan Metro’s six rapid transit lines, is going to have 21 stations including 10 underground ones, and a total length of 27.8km. GC02 contract comprises four underground stations with two tunnel drives of 5.4km. The EPBM’s primary drive will be for nearly 80m from Mayuan station to Da’nan station.

The EPBM is equipped with a spoke-type cutterhead with outer rings designed to work effectively in the anticipated sandy gravel, sandstone and mudstone geology at pressures of up to 2.5bar. the machine is capable of discharging large boulders smoothly via the ribbon-type screw conveyor. As it progresses, the EPBM will install 1,200mm-wide reinforced concrete lining rings including five segments as well as key. Also, muck cars will be used in the project.

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