Recent updates in Long Itchington Wood tunnel HS2

Collins Earthworks Drone Footage of Long Itchington Wood portal site

The excavation process of the north portal site of the twin tube Long Itchington Wood tunnel (1.61 km/1-mile length, 9-10 m diameter), has been completed by Collins Earthworks. The TBM which is going to dig beneath the old woodland in Warwickshire, will launch in this tunnel.

The HS2’s main works contractor BBV Joint Venture (Balfour Beatty Group and VINCI Construction), which is responsible for construction the northern part of HS2 as it heads into Birmingham, has concluded a contract with Collins Earthworks company. The company has excavated 300,000 m3 of soil, with the topsoil and subsoils stored and separated with a layer of straw, so they can be put back in the same way after the tunnel has been built.

The considered TBM which is 2,000-ton weight is now entering to the determined location in the form of pieces from the Herrenknecht company, and will be relaunched to start digging the tunnel in the summer. The excavation plan involves digging the first bore, which will take 5 months, then the extraction process will continue through the south portal and finally the TBM will be carried by road back to the north portal to start the second bore.

An announcement for naming the TBM will be published among people in Warwickshire County in coming month and people will offer names for the TBM that will then be shortlisted for a public vote during the summer.

 The total number of TBMs that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at this project (at the peak of the operation) are ten TBMs that will dig up to 15 m daily.

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