PUB conclude a $237 million agreement with CSCE for industrial water filtration modules

Construction of modules at the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant for filtration of a significant part of the industrial used water, is assigned to China State Construction Engineering’s (CSCE) Singapore branch. Its $237 million budget has granted by Singapore National Water Agency (PUB). Previously, this agency has awarded five more main construction contract for this under construction project.

On 22 December (Tuesday) PUB stated that: “CSCE will construct industrial liquids modules to treat industrial used water channeled to the plant via deep sewer tunnels”. Moreover, they said: “When completed, this will be the first time that PUB is reclaiming industrial used water for reuse and is a significant step forward in boosting our capability to reclaim and recycle water.”

“Tuas Water Reclamation Plant, a key component of PUB’s $6.5 billion Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project, will receive both industrial and domestic used water from two separate deep tunnels for treatment,” stated the agency.

The intended industrial liquids modules, cause to better solids separation by completing the membranes and this method is more profitable in compare to usual systems due to reduction in steps and less space using. Next stage is, more refining the treated water into industrial water and returning it for reusing in industry again.  The CSCSE contract involves almost two of such module’s civil, structural and architectural tasks, also the quantity of water which can be refined in these modules daily, is up to 150,000 cubic meter of industrial used water which is an equivalent to 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

While the open tender exercise was held in May and 11 proposals were offered for the contract, the plant installation and process equipment, such as mechanical, electrical and instrumentation components will be assigned to separate construction contracts. The determined date for construction inception of industrial liquids modules is 30 Dec. Meanwhile, it is expected to use these modules gradually by December 2025.

The Tuas Water Reclamation Plant, which is going to refine 800,000 cubic meter per day in first stages, will be placed in the same location of National Environment Agency’s Integrated Waste Management Facility. Tuas Nexus – Singapore’s first united water and solid waste filtration plant, is the main location which is formed by these two facilities in this area. Moreover, Singapore’s water sustainability can be elevated, by the significant role of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project in boosting PUB’s capability to modify and recycle water

While the implementation of Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 1, which links eastern Singapore to Changi water reclamation plant, has been completed in 2008, the mentioned tunnels will have the responsibility of conveying the consumed water from the western part of Singapore to the Tuas water reclamation plant for refining by 2025.

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