New shots of HS2’s London construction sites

Fresh photos of HS2’S construction sites, including several from the London area, has been published.

Recent activities of HS2 is to build new stations at Euston and Old Oak Common and a marshalling yard at nearby Willesden. In addition, it has a large tunnel portal that is going to immerge under the Chilterns next to the M25.

Old Oak Common

The cleared site for the future Old Oak Common station which connects mainline rail and the Elizabeth line. It has been changed significantly comparing to the last vision.

Euston Station

The site is preparing to initiate excavation to build the station box for the extra platforms and access to tunnels.

Willesden site

The assembling process of tunnel rings for the tunnel to Euston will be done in this location. This site is going to be deformed to homes with heating sources relates to tunnels underneath, once the construction completed.

Chiltern portal

This portal allows the tunnel boring machines to start drilling down under the Chilterns. Finally, all of this area will turn into a nature reserve.

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