Forrestfield Airport Link Advances Amid Tunneling Challenges

Forrestfield-Airport Link project progresses after TBM Grace broke through at the Bayswater dive structure earlier this year in April.
For the time being, workers continue the track laying phase to finalize the last stage of construction.

The twin-bored tunnel will join the three newly built stations at Forrestfield, Airport Central, and Redcliffe to the existing rail network in Western Australia.

26m of the link is damaged in the cross passage due to water leaking since Sep. 2018, caused by high water pressure and the associated loadings. Many tunnel professionals were invited to propose a solution to the problem, as mentioned above.

Following careful consideration, it was decided that placing a spheroid graphite iron lining would solve the tunnel shape’s distortion.
The cross-passage construction, in addition to more than half of the lining installations, is completed. Moreover, tunnel sealing’s waterproofing is underway 11km beneath the earth level at Bayswater tunnel entry.

When track laying and all other measures are deployed, the alignment will host 12 tunnel-to-tunnel connections as well as three tunnel-to-egress shaft links in case of emergency and maintenance access.
Construction is scheduled for completion early next year.

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