Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2021belong to Tideway

Tideway project, which is currently under construction and named London’s ‘super sewer’, was chosen as Infrastructure Project of the Year at the recent Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2021, despite the covid-19 limitations.

Identifying the superiority in sustainable business practices ranging from best output programs and crop innovation, to CSR and stakeholder engagement, are the major purposes of these Awards. Current year’s ultimate list includes 189 finalists that were shortlisted across 25 categories.

“Despite its scale, Tideway has integrated environmental and social impacts into its core approach from day one, championing a number of innovative approaches which really push the boundaries and show a positive way forward for future infrastructure projects,” said, the judging panel of Tideway.

On winning the main prize from Edie, Darren White, Tideway’s Head of Sustainability, stated: “It was a great opportunity to collect this award on behalf of the project which acknowledges all the continuous hard work from our entire supply chain.”

Due to the significant impact of the Tideway project in reducing slashing transport emissions and combatting plastic pollution, this project was highlighted and admired by Edie in a bulletin from June 2019. With millions of tonnes of spoil discharged from the tunnel by river barge, the project had omitted more than 200 truck tours every day from the roads of London. These are the reasons that boosted the Tideway’s green footprint and made the roads safer, particularly for cyclists.

The Tideway mega-project contains a tunnel of different diameter going mainly under the River Thames at depths of 30-70m. The principal duty of this 25km-long tunnel is to transmit almost 39 million tonnes of raw sewage overflows, which is predicted to enter the river every year, to the eastwards under gravity. The largest diameter of the six TBMs which have been mining in this tunnel was 8.8m. Approximately £4.1bn (US$5.47bn) budget is estimated for this project that is planned to be finished in 2025.

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