A Brief Overview Of The Ohio River Project

More information about tunnel excavation challenges of the 6.5-km long Ohio River Project built in Louisville, Kentucky, is now available.
A significant milestone was achieved in Sep. 22, once the Robbins-manufactured machine crossed the finish line despite the challenges due to methane gas and rock fallouts during tunneling underground.
Shemek Oginski, Project Manager for the Shea/Traylor JV, explained, “At first glance, this seems like a straightforward project, but it turned out to be much more challenging.” Both the Robbins Main Beam TBM (of 6.7m diameter), as well as the conveyor system, had to overcome multiple difficulties to complete this mission
Moreover, the Main Beam TBM in service was refurbished by Robbins Co., installing a brand-new cutter head as well as new electrical and hydraulic systems.
“This was definitely an older machine—I actually operated it on the DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] tunnels in Dallas, Texas in the 1990s, but with many of the components being new, we were confident in it,” said Shemek Oginski, Project Manager for the Shea/Traylor JV.
Once the mission was finished, Oginski released an announcement saying, “definitely proud that we got to the end, as this is a challenging project.”Meanwhile, the machine is being dismantled, and the parts are being kept in Mt. Pleasant, PA, for future use.  “If the right project comes up, then yes, it’s likely we would use this machine again.”

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