Simplon Railway Tunnel: SBB Seeking Volunteers for a Rescue Exercise

Simplon Railway Tunnel Entrance in Switzerland

SBB aims to hold a rescue exercise to check the intervention and evacuation procedures in an emergency event on Sunday 12 September 2021. The intended program is due to be carried out in Simplon Railway tunnel, which is over 100-year-old and links Switzerland to Italy, in cooperation with the Canton of Valais, the Prefecture of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, and the rescue organizations.

The inward of the Simplon Railway tunnel, using both tunnel entrances in Switzerland and Italy, will be the location of this exercise. Almost 120 people is necessary for this exercise and the volunteers from 16 years of age to take on the role of travelers involved in the event.

The enthusiastic people for this event can register using this link. Also for more details please visit SBB website.

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