Robbins and Lok Home Complimentary Webinar with the topic of: To grout or not to grout?

Finding a novel Alternative to Slurry TBM Tunneling in Rock under High Water Pressure

The question is simple: When you’re encountered with a hard rock tunnel where the existence of significant sections under high water pressure is proven, which tunneling method do you choose?

Although the Slurry Shield tunneling considers as the common method for dealing with high water pressures, but it is not always the best solution in rock. Nowadays, Non-Continuous Pressurized (NCP) TBM Tunneling with a shielded machine acts as a replace method which is highly effective. As a positive aspect of these machines we can indicate to their comprehensive grouting program or sequential advance in EPB mode, that helps successful navigating rock with high water pressures safely and effectively.

The content of this webinar, that will take 45 minutes, will be surveying about the pros and cons of Slurry and NCP TBMs, and analyzing case studies of both machine types from all over the world. Join in on our conversation with Robbins President Lok Home and Brad Grothen P.E., Robbins Technical Director as we discuss the future of tunneling in rock under pressure.

Date:  Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Time: 8 AM PDT | 11 AM EDT | 3 PM GMT

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