Intermat 2024 – Exhibition for Durable Construction Solutions and Technologies

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Following six-year gap due to the pandemic, from 24-27 April 2024 Paris will host Intermat 2024, while its focus will be on the themes of decarbonisation and digitisation at the heart of the event, involving all companies and presenting innovative equipment, machinery and solutions.

In order to responding to the main challenges facing the sector in terms of decarbonisation, energy, digitalisation, commitment to CSR, training and employment, Intermat 2024 intends to showcase the excellence of the construction industry.

Hence Intermat 2024 is goig to concentrate on the four main challenges facing the European construction industry in terms of decarbonisation:

  • innovate to find answers to the challenges
  • integrate high-performance alternative energy sources to support the economy
  • valorise professions, financial and human resources
  • achieving carbon neutrality to help preserve the planet
    • For further details please visit their website.

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