Inauguration of Entries for 2024 Competition by Boring Company

Tum Boring - Winner of the Not-a-Boring Competition

While it is due to be held at TBC’s headquarters in Bastrop in Texas early next year, entries have opened for the Boring Company’s Not-a-Boring Competition 2024 and it will challenge teams over eight days to come up with tunneling solutions and address the challenge of “Can you beat the snail?”. Designing, building, and racing their own tunneling machines, are the purpose of teams from around the world which are going to compete.

The teams will compete in three categories:

  • Fastest to complete the tunnel (overall winner)
  • Innovative design, build, and/or test (Innovation Award)
  • Most accurate tunnel (Accuracy Award)

In order to minimizing dependency on heavy machinery during competition week (small excavators and forklifts can be provided, no cranes will be provided); and simplifying commission set-ups, TBC encourages teams to design, build, and test all systems in-house.

Due to its 11.8m (38.7ft) tunnel, TUM Boring from Technical University of Munich was the overall winner of this year’s competition, whereas also owning the inaugural competition in 2021.

The Swissloop Tunneling was the winner of this year’s Innovation Award, while the Accuracy and Navigation Award belonged to CU Hyperloop.

The determined deadline for registration of next year’s competition is May 21. For more information and to register, click here.

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