Focus of BTS Lectures – Exploring Low-Carbon Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete - BTS Lecture Focus

Being held in March 2023, the British Tunnelling Society’s (BTS) lecture’s main subject is Ultra low-carbon concrete.

Discussing around geopolymer concrete in tunneling and developments in ultra-low-carbon concrete for underground works, is due to be the topic between speakers John Day from Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete, Charles Allen from OTB Concrete Ltd, and Richard Sutherden from J Murphy & Sons Ltd, at the event on March 23.

Presenting an explanation about advances made during the last decade in the testing and use of geopolymer concrete and how adoption is increasing worldwide, will be up to John Day, whereas Charles Allen is slated to discuss applications for geopolymer concrete in tunnel linings and its high durability performance, and Richard Sutherden will set out a case study of use and adoption on LPT2 and how a collaborative approach between client, contractor, and designer is essential for future adoption.

While in order to provide the future sustainability of infrastructure projects, decreasing embodied carbon is necessary, shaft and tunnel linings contribute almost 70% of embodied carbon associated with a tunneling project. The quantity of slashing the embodied carbon of concrete by Geopolymer concrete is up to 80%.

The Institution of Civil Engineers, Great George St, London, will host the BTS lecture at 18:30 (GMT) and it is an in-person event that will also be live streamed here.

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