Dallas Adams podcast ” Let’s Talk Tunnelling “

The intended Podcast includes tunnel, mining and civil construction, in which people share their experiences and information of working in the underground construction industry. The host of this event is Dallas Adams, who has more than 25 years’ experience working in Underground Mining, Tunnelling and Construction. He owes a significant portion of his life experiences to the knowledge and information that he has achieved from working in a tough and dangerous industry over years and he believes everyone can learn from listening to those who have been there and done it and lived that situation.

Dallas’s very unique and initial Podcast, which includes stories, images and experiences on projects from around the world told by the actual workers, has been made by the help of XRJV-Training.

The 14 episodes, that have been recorded over the past year, are existing now. Please use this link to view the all records. Also you can contact to Dallas Adams through this website.

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