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Tideway Ticks off More Milestones in Building London Super Sewer

Londo Super Sewer Tunnel

The final construction of London’s Super Sewer continues to gather pace, with Tideway approving that the easternmost section of London’s new super sewer is now having its secondary lining installed, following the completion of the primary lining in April.

The secondary lining is going to carry on with the final 5.5km stretch of the tunnel between Bermondsey and Abbey Mills Pumping Station into next year.

However, the primary lining was finished for the entire super sewer back in April. At the moment, with much of the secondary lining elsewhere complete, the team at Chambers Wharf has started the final, easternmost stretch.

Moreover, the secondary lining is required to provide added strength to the tunnel to guarantee that the super sewer can do its job for generations to come, while providing a smooth surface over which the sewage flows can travel once the tunnel is up and running in 2025.

You can watch the timelapse below provided by Tideway to see the shutter being moved into place.

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