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Tideway: Releasing Annual Report and Accounts Following Completion of Tunneling

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Following completion of the tunneling process during a year, Tideway, which is the company building London’s super sewer, has published its seventh annual report and accounts.

Involving securing a further £300m of green financing to complete the project, a number of key landmarks were achieved, while 77 percent of the construction work at year-end was completed.

Considering that the tunneling phase currently is completed and good advances are being made on the secondary lining, the concentration is turning toward linking the super sewer to the existing infrastructure while building the above-ground public spaces.

According to Tideway Chair, Sir Neville Simms: “I am very pleased with the progress we have made on the project this year, not just in achieving the completion of tunneling but in the way our teams have adjusted to the new normal of delivering vital infrastructure in this post-pandemic world.”

He continued: “Our primary focus continues to be on the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone working on and around our sites, highlighting our ambition to do things safely or not at all. This year we also secured the capital to take us to completion of the project in 2025.”

While the yearly cost of the project for Thames Water bill payers remains well within the £20-£25 cost range first set out in 2015, after advancing during a year the completion date remains at 2025. With a two percent increase, the capital cost of the project is £4.3bn.

This year, the year of COP26 and a keen public focus on protecting the natural environment, Tideway has supported Groundwork London’s Our Space Awards, in which funding has been allocated to more than two dozen grassroots projects across the capital to make London greener and more resilient to climate change.

Moreover, supporting to use of the river (instead of the road) to transport construction materials, Tideway has barricaded over 650,000 HGV trips and saved almost 27,000 tons of CO2e to date.

“We have now hit our most significant milestone to date – the completion of tunneling. The hard work and diligence of the entire Tideway team have been invaluable in getting us to this point. And I’m pleased to report that for the first time, our work is as much about what we’re building above ground as it is about the super sewer, deep beneath Londoners’ feet. Our vision has always been to reconnect London with the River Thames, and with new areas of public space beginning to take shape, it’s great to see the visible legacy of the project on the surface,” said Andy Mitchell CEO.

He also added: “Still, we have work to do. Good progress is being made on the secondary lining of the tunnel and we’re focusing more and more on connecting this infrastructure to Bazalgette’s Victorian network – but the end is truly in sight, and a healthier River Thames is closer than ever.”

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