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The US$2bn Increase in Hudson Tunnel Project Cost

Hudson Tunnel Project Map

Locating among New York and New Jersey, the expense of the Hudson Tunnel project has raised by US$2bn to US$16bn.

Construction of the new two-tube Gateway Tunnel with 2.4 miles length and placed beneath the Hudson River, as well as refurbishing Amtrak’s existing 112-year-old North River rail tunnel, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, are the contents of this project. The mostly used passenger rail line in the US is Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor.

Considering that the date of commencing the construction process of this project has been deferred to autumn 2024, the completion date has also been delayed by three years so the new tunnels should be in operation by 2035 and the tunnel refurbishment completed by 2038.

According to the Gateway Development Commission, the bi-state public authority charged with overseeing the Gateway Program to upgrade train infrastructure between the two states, the increased price tag is related to inflationary costs and supply chain issues.

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