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The Norrbotnia/ North Bothnia Line

North Bothnia Line Map

Locating among Umea and Lulea, the Norrbotnia/ North Bothnia line with EUR3.84 bn (SEK40 bn) value is a 270 km new coastal railway for faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly travel and transport, which strengthens societal progress and the competitiveness of business and industry, new travel centers in Skelleftea, Pitea and Lulea, regional train stations in Sävar, Robertsfors, Burea and Byske, among others. Once completed, this line is due to link what is today Sweden’s most densely populated region without day train traffic.

The construction process of the Umea – Dava section, design and planning for construction for Dava – Skelleftea section and planning for Skelleftea – Lulea section, is undergoing currently. While the work with the Norrbotnia/North Bothnia line is wide and complex, before the work are ended, the project will include 250 bridges and 550 km of new roads in addition to the railway itself. Blasting work by drilling rigs are also ongoing between 2 May and 31 August 2022 for the 1.6km tunnel through Fäbodberget and Ersmarksberget ending just west of road 364 on the section between Umeå freight station and Dåva. Although this tunnel is going to initially be built single-track, it has been prepared to accommodate double tracks in the future.

The transporting process of loosened rock sections with large dump trucks, is done after the blasting work is completed, while this material is then crushed into smaller parts to be used again, as rockfill on other sections in the construction of the Norrbotnia/North Bothnia line.

For further information on this project please visit their website.

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