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Sydney Metro – New Central Station Concourse about to Completion

Sydney Metro Central Walk

In order to inaugurating, the Sydney Metro Central Station’s new underground concourse is getting ready. The 80-meter-long Central Walk is due to help passengers easily navigate among different platforms and services.

Linking customers to suburban, intercity, and regional rail services and light rail, part of Central Walk is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

While, fit-out and finishing work has been completed on the south half of Central Walk, the installation process of 11 of the 15 new escalators has been done.

With the longest measuring 4.5 meters, the distinctive wall panels along Central Walk are made up of 784 glass-reinforced concrete panels. The whole number of installing panels at Central Station will be 3,000 as part of the redevelopment, whereas 38,000 tons of rock were removed to construct Central Walk, which is the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools.

With the construction of Central Walk taking place beneath eight live suburban platforms and tracks, work has been ended below the feet of Central Station customers.

Possibility of direct access to Platforms 16 to 23 by escalators and lifts for the first time, which is going to link them to the Eddy Avenue forecourt, will be able for customers once this section is open.

Customers from suburban platforms will also be able to access the new metro platforms through Central Walk once Sydney Metro City & Southwest services start in 2024.

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