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Sydney Metro, Crows Nest Construction Update

Sydney Metro Crows Nest Construction Site

Considering approximate completion of the platforms, work is advancing well at the Crows Nest Station site, while work is about to commence for building up the new station entrances.

In order to form the base of the station concourse, where future customers will enter the station through the Opal gates, 63 large precast beams, up to 25 meters long, 1.7 meters tall, and weighing up to 70 tons each, have been installed till now.

Being equal to the length of 27 Sydney Metro trains, the installation process of 3.25 kilometers of precast concrete beams will be done by this team following that the construction was done.

Additionally, the structural reinforcement with 5,965 tons’ weight has also been installed at Crows Nest, which is around the weight of the Eiffel Tower’s metal structure.

While the tower crane being used on site is the largest capacity tower crane in the world, it is able to operate in wind speeds up to 20 meters per second, and this feature along with its superior operating speed, allows far higher levels of productivity.

Presenting direct train access to the Sydney CBD and beyond for the first time, will be the advantage of the new station at Crows Nest as one of seven new underground stations on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project.

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