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Starting the Construction Process of the E6 Kvithammar – Asen

E6 Kvithammar – Asen route map

In order to commence the construction of new E6 from Kvithammer (Stjørdal municipality) to Asen (Levanger municipality) for Nye Veier by general contractor Hæhre Entreprenør AS, the first symbolic explosion for the Forbordsfjell tunnel has done.

In December 2021, the contract with NOK 5.6 billion value, excluding VAT, was concluded, while the scheduled time for completing the entire section is 2027. The length of the road is 19 km and is being built as a four-lane motorway with a speed limit of 110 km / h. Halving the current journey duration will reduce the time travel by almost 9 minutes.

The section comprises of five tunnels:

  • The 6.1 km Forbordsfjell tunnel will be built from both adits: first from the south side where the first blast was carried out; at the end of March 2022 work will also start from the north side in Langsteindalen;
  • The 1.4 km Hoghammar tunnel will be built from Langsteindalen through Høghammaren towards Vuddudalen. Tunneling is planned here at the end of 2023 and will take about a year to complete;
  • The 1.8km Ramshammar tunnel will be built from the south (Vuddudalen). The time to break through the tunnel will be approx. 15 months;
  • The 300 m Grubbas tunnel whose construction is planned from the north (Stokkan) and will be built between the winter of 2023 to the summer of 2024;
  • The 2.1km Asen tunnel connecting Stokkan in the south and Vassmarka in the north. Tunneling will start from the north in the autumn of 2022 and from the south in the spring of 2023. The end of work is estimated in the winter of 2024.

The Vollselv bridge with its 360 m above the Vollselva, several smaller bridges, culverts, 20 portals for the tunnels, technical buildings as well as other smaller structures, are further concrete structures of the new E6 section.

Please click here and here for further information on this project.

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