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Stad Ship Tunnel – Norwegian Coastal Administration Pursues the Work

Stad Ship Tunnel

According to the proposal for a revised national budget for 2023, that has been presented by the Norwegian government in early May, the expected cost for the Stad ship tunnel have increased significantly.

The updated cost and uncertainty analysis, which on 15 February was delivered to the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries, describes the 74% raise in cost framework that is from EUR347.31 million (NOK 4,090 million) to EUR605.61 million (NOK 7,132 million).

In spring 2021 the determined cost framework for this project by Storting was EUR347.31 million (NOK 4,090 million), in accordance with Prop. 97 S (2020-2021) Construction of City ship tunnel.

General price increases in the construction sector, project-specific cost increases linked to constructions, rock protection and mass removal, as well as increased provisions for uncertainty in the cost estimates, are the reasons for increases in the cost estimates.

Until the Coastal Administration has reviewed the costs of the project and the government has returned to Parliament in connection with the state budget for 2024, the work on forced redemption of properties will be halted, whereas at the same time, the Norwegian Coastal Administration continues the preparatory work for the ship tunnel.

Additionally, a dimensioning project together with SINTEF, which involves analyzing and dimensioning the entrance structures for the ship tunnel, is going to be concluded by this company. This summer it will also carry out a new round of core drilling, in order to better control rock quality and ground conditions, which is another key risk element in the project.

Also the tunnel areas, new industrial areas and other recipients of rock masses are under supervision. Reusing all the stone from the ship tunnel to build new and extend existing wharf and business areas in the three municipalities near the ship tunnel, are the intentions of project.

Moreover, in order to preparing for tender to find a main contractor who can operate/build the ship tunnel, after the Storting has decided on an updated cost estimate in autumn 2023, the goal is still to have foundation work and documents completed.

Being located between Moldefjorden in the west and Kjødepollen in the east, the Stad ship tunnel is scheduled to be constructed in the Selje municipality on the narrowest part of Stadhalvøya and it is due to have a length of 1,700 m and will be designed for ships the size of the fast-route ship MS Midnatsol and (large) ring-groove trawlers, i.e. sailing width 21.5 m, sailing height 33 m and sailing depth 8 m.

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