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Self Supporting Modular Formwork for Galleries From CM Lafer

CASACASTALDA tunnel Casting Using Modular Self-supporting Formwork

The first casting on the east mouth of the CASACASTALDA tunnel has currently been completed by the Modular Self-supporting Formwork for a Tunnel built by CM Lafer for R.T.I DONATI S.p.A.- N.V. BESIX S.A, which is for lane doubling of the SS318 ANAS highway linking Perugia with Ancona.

While the Cassero’s length is12 m, due to its anchorage to the wall by tyloops it allows use with shorter lengths compatible with a 1.5 m of the base element.

In order to transport and handling of the formwork, the wagon has beams with intermediate flanges to adapt to the structure to different transport requirements. Also, there is a clear area for the possible passage of the 2-m diameter ventilation pipe above in the canopy area. Lateral to this area runs the semiautomatic concrete distribution system.

The usage of this type of formwork is on the different working faces of the two tunnels that R.T.I. DONATI S.p.A.- N.V. BESIX S.A. is building. Being tackled from the two portals, the 1545-m-long Casacastalda tunnel is going to overcome excavation zones in varicolored clays that had created face stability problems during the construction of the parallel tube in 2004.

The Picchiarella tunnel with 874 m length will be dug and lined with 4 working faces also takes advantage of the intermediate adit in the artificial section.

Before organizing the site visit by the Italian Tunnelling Company on March 18, 2022, the formwork erection stages had commenced.

Self Supporting Modular Formwork

In order to deal with the different requirements of the sections on which the Modular Self-supporting Formwork will have to go to work, CM Lafer is going to be at the disposal of the R.T.I. engineers over the future months of development of excavation activities on the various fronts after the completion of the preparatory activities. Benefiting simple operations and adding a few special elements, this structure will be easily modified and adapted to different casting lengths.

Due to presenting an in-house production structure for both carpentry and mechanical parts, CM Lafer is a company that can minimize the design/construction and installation time on-site using its own highly qualified technicians.

CM Lafer is considered the right partner for all types of tunnel formwork as well as special equipment for road and rail infrastructure construction sites. If you need experience and cutting-edge solutions designed and manufactured completely in-house by a TUV-certified system, then please visit their website.

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