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Rail Tunnel to be Extended for North East Link

Melbourne's Freeway - North East Link

Extensive works are in progress to prepare for the development of the twin 6.5 kilometers North East Link tunnel to fix the missing Link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

At the point when North East Link is finished, the northern tunnel entrance in Watsonia will connect the M80 Ring Street and Greensborough bypass. Another junction at Grimshaw Road will permit regional traffic to cross over the Link, making more secure and simpler trips to open spaces, local stores, schools, and public transportation.

As main works making progress, the rail tunnel underneath Greensborough Highway should be developed to make room for the North East Link, which will be constructed over the Hurstbridge Line.

As a component of this work, teams will perform the track, signaling, and equipment upgrades among Heidelberg and Greensborough stations to enable the rail tunnel expansion.

A site compound is presently being determined in the empty land between the Hurstbridge Line, Greensborough Roadway, and Grimshaw Road to help site research works, upgrades to the rail system, and to construct the lengthy rail tunnel.

The Link projects works in the rail passage are being planned in conjunction with the Level Crossing elimination works to limit disturbance to Hurstbridge Line travelers.

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