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Public Opinion on Massey Tunnel Replacement

George Massey Tunnel

The initial engagement phase of the environmental assessment process is undergoing for the proposed toll-free eight-lane tunnel in order to replace the aging George Massey Tunnel.

With the name of Fraser River Tunnel Project, the bided project would also include a multi-use pathway, that presents an active transportation link for the first time at this location. Following completion of the new immersed tube tunnel, this existing tunnel would be removed.

Lasting from April 25 until June 9, 2022, this public comment period is going to be held by the Environmental Assessment Office for the first time. The intention of inviting people is to provide feedback about how they want to be engaged throughout the environmental assessment process and to identify key interests and issues with project design or location.

Over this early engagement, the presented feedback will be beneficial to informing the planning and advancement of the project throughout all stages of the environmental assessment.

Additionally, extra public consultation periods in future phases of the environmental assessment will be hosted by the Environmental Assessment Office in order to seek input on more detailed information about the proposed project as it is developed.

The Fraser River Tunnel Project is subject to review under B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Act, and an environmental assessment certificate is required for the project to move forward.

Also, in order to inform people about the project and the environmental assessment process, a public open house is due to be held on 10 May and 11 May, or a virtual information session on 17 and 19 May. The determined date for submitting comments during this first public comment period is June 9, 2022.

Visit the project page for information on how to join the virtual information sessions.

Also click here for tunnelingworld archive and also for more details on this project visit this webpage and this webpage.

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