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New Cross-Connection for Södertörn

The Södertörn Crosslink Project

In order to enable safe, efficient, and sustainable travel, the Swedish government is implementing the investment in a new road connection for Södertörn among E4 / E20 and road 73, while the mission of investigating about capacity for land transport to and from Arlanda is also up to the Swedish Transport Administration. Linking the region and contributing to better conditions for public transport, the cross-connection Södertörn is an important investment in southern Stockholm.

Presenting an improved road connection for motor vehicles and bicycles, as well as providing conditions for safe, efficient, and sustainable travel and transport across Södertörn, are the purpose of the Södertörn cross-connection project. Additionally, it is going to be an important connection for the large amount of freight traffic that already operates in the area today. Due to the completion of the new port in Norvik in Nynäshamn, currently, the freight is also expected to increase. Together with the E4 Bypass Stockholm and Norrortsleden, the cross-connection forms an outer cross-road that connects the southern and northern parts of Stockholm County.

According to the bided design, just over 6 km of around 21 km of the new road is due to be placed in a tunnel, whereas the main tunnels will be Masmo (750 m), Glömsta (1100 m) and Flemingsbergs (3100 m). Building of almost 20 km of new pedestrian and bicycle path, is also presented in this proposal.

As a part of national plan for infrastructure in the years 2018-2029. The current project has received EUR 1.25 bn (SEK13.3 bn) budget from the government, which is EUR827.11 million (SEK8.8 bn) more than in the previous plan.

Considering the issues of transport to Arlanda via road/rail/public transport are relevant, the Swedish Transport Administration is also commissioned to investigate the capacity for land transport to and from Arlanda.

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