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Namma/Bangalore Metro Latest tunneling updates

Namma Metro TBM breakthrough

Construction responsibility of the 3.655 Kms among South Ramp to Rashtriya Military School (RT-01 Package), which comprises of the 3 underground stations Diary Circle, Mico Industries and Langford Town is up to M/S Afcons Infrastructure LTD:

  • Completing the North Bound tunnel with 595 m length, TBM Varada reached the Langford Town Station on 11 November 2021, while it has to restart towards the Rashtriya Military School -Launching Shaft to drive the South tunnel.
  • Following this On 12 November 2021 TBM Rudra completed the 614.60 m tunnel that stretches from the South ramp near Karmika Bhavana to Dairy Circle and the next destination of this machine is northwards to Mico Industries (Lakkasandra) and Langford Town.
  • Tunneling 443,80 m of its tunnel for the South Bound from South Ramp to Dairy Circle, TBM Vamika attained a 72.30% of progress.

Additionally, the KRashtriya Military School to Shivajinagar section (RT-02 Package) with 2.762 km, that includes the 3 underground stations Rashtriya Military School, MG Road e Shivajinagar, are the subsets of M/S Larson & Toubro Ltd ‘s operations:

  • In November TBM Avni, which is digging from Shivajinagar, broke through at the MG Road station ahead of pursuing towards Rashtriya Military School. The TBM had tunneled 929.20 m with 86,5’% of its tunnel length completed for the South Bound tunnel.
  • The excavation path of TBM Lavi is from Shivajinagar to Rashtriya Military School and currently 633.60 m of the North bound tunnel has been dug by this TBM while the 59% of length of the tunnel has been completed.

M/S ITD Cementation India Ltd is advancing the works process on the 4.591 Kms South of Tannery Road Station to North Ramp (RT-04 Package), including 4 underground stations Tannery Road, Venkateshpura, Kadugondanahalli & Nagawara:

  • The launching shaft of Venkateshpura Station was the commencing location of TBM Bhadra on 17/06/2021, while it has completed 16% of its journey due to boring 203 m south bound towards the retrieval shaft.
  • The completion track of TBM Tunga was 117.60 m of the North Bound tunnel from Venkateshpura Station to its retrieval shaft.

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