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Moscow Metro Fleet Equipped with Air Disinfection System

Moscow Metro Fleet

In accordance with the statement of Moscow Ministry of Transport, the process of equipping over than half (58%) of Moscow Metro trains with a climate control system with a continuous disinfection function has done.

Using safe ultraviolet lamps, disinfection is implementing.

Considering that the irradiation works in a closed circuit, it does not penetrate the vehicle, so it is absolutely safe for passengers. There are also air filters that capture fine dust particles.

While a Russian company was manufactured the disinfection unit, the systems were installed on trains of the new Oka, Moskva and Moskva-2020 series – almost 3,7 thousand cars. Additionally, there are two climate control units, each with a continuous disinfection function. The amount of clean air, that they provide for the entire train is 3300 cubic meters hourly, while the air conditioners are checked in warehouses every day. They are constantly serviced by the workers of the production plant: they fix malfunctions, clean all systems, if necessary, replace ultraviolet lamps and air filters.

Due to significant importance of the safety in public transport, in 2012, the first train with an air disinfection system was launched in the metro and currently such devices are installed on 58% of trains. Along with elimination of at least 95% of viruses and bacteria, it helps to protect our passengers during the pandemic as Moscow Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov said.

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