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Linking the Cities of Santos and Guarujá Through a Submerged Tunnel

3D Model of the submerged tunnel connecting the cities of Santos and Guaruja

In order to construct an immersed tunnel between the municipalities of Santos and Guarujá, in the state of Sao Paulo, some 80 km southwest of the city of Sao Paolo, PPI (Investment Partnership Program) Council recommends qualification of studies. While the current communication means between the cities are ferry boats, the intention is to provide a permanent link in order to accommodate the raising transport volume and the anticipated extension of the harbor as a result of the economic growth as well as decreasing the existing travel distance on the road from 45 km to less than 1 km. The location of this immersed tunnel is due to be within the polygonal area of the Port of Santos and will be the first of its kind in Brazil.

Comprising of an enclosed section of about 760 m and 2×3 lanes for road traffic and a separate tube for pedestrians and cyclists, this tunnel will be almost 1,800 m in length. The harbor channel depth is up to 21 m to allow for deeper draft vessels to enter the port area.

Considering as part of the privatization process of the Port of Santos, the estimated budget for this project is EUR 670,42 million (BRL4 billion).

From 31st January to 16th March, the National Water Transport Agency (ANTAQ) confirmed the inauguration of public consultation and hearing to receive contributions aimed at improving the documents related to the privatization of the Port of Santos (SP). The concession period will be 35 years, renewable for up to 5 years. As it is indicated in the studies, the investments scheduled to adapt the infrastructure of the organized port total EUR 2.68 bn (BRL16 bn), which should be carried out throughout the contractual term. The financial support of almost EUR502.33 million (BRL3 billion) is considered for future concessionaire for the construction of the tunnel. The construction of the tunnel is not part of the contractual obligation of the port concessionaire, and the project must be structured separately.

Click here for the public hearing Notice n. 01/2022-ANTAQ. The determined date for the completion of studies is the first quarter of 2022, while the estimated bidding tender will be started in the fourth quarter of 2022. For further information visit this website and this website.

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