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Laurence TBM Completed its Journey in Sèvres Site

Laurence TBM - Grand Paris Express Project

The commencing location of Laurence tunnel boring machine’s drive in January 2020 was the Île de Monsieur shaft in Sèvres and it has completed its all-terrain route of 4.2 km so that on 9 November the TBM reached at the future Fort d’Issy-Vanves-clamart station of Grand Paris Express.

The disassembling and removing process of the installations of the Laurence TBM, which excavated the tunnel portion of line 15 South between Sèvres and Clamart, will be done from November 2021 to April 2022. During December 2021, exceptional convoys are expected on the following nights:

  • From Sunday 5 to Monday 6 December
  • From Monday 6 to Tuesday 7 December
  • From Thursday 9 to Friday 10 December
  • From Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 15 December

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