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Isla Bella Tunnel on A13 – Update in Construction

Isla Bella Tunnel

In order to commence construction of the safety tunnel for the Isla Bella tunnel, the patron saint Santa Barbara blessing was given on January 26, 2023, while the north portal will be the intended direction of the tunneling works. Including 7 cross passages, this safety tunnel with a 2.5 km length is due to be constructed parallel to the existing road tunnel and the tunneling will encounter a 20m stretch of loose rock as well as Graubünden slate. Responsibility for advancing this project is up to the Joint Venture that is composed of Rothpletz (Lienhard), Cie AG (Aarau), Infra Tunnel SA (Marin), and Lazzarini AG. Considering the current standards for tunnel safety, the Isla Bella tunnel requires to have a safety tunnel and it has to be renovated with clear signage of the escape routes, accessible communication facilities, and emergency lighting. Although the scheduled time period for completion of works is around three years, the construction does not require any changes to the traffic routing and has no impact on the traffic flow on the A13. Additionally, the estimated cost for this project is almost EUR50.13 million (CHF 50 million).

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