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Inter Prefecture Decree Declaring the LNPCA Phases 1 & 2 Project of Public Utility

LNPCA Phase 1 & 2 Route

The inter-prefecture decree declaring of public utility the project concerning the realization of phases 1 & 2 of the LNPCA (Ligne Nouvelle Provence Cote d’Azur), was concluded among the Prefect of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Bouches-du-Rhône Region, the Prefect of Var and the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes on Thursday 13 October 2022. The purposes of this project are implementing a true rail metropolitan express network (REM), which should contribute to the shift from car to train in the region, as well as improving daily travel by train in the cities of Marseille, Toulon and the Côte d’Azur.

The subsets of Phase 2 will be:

  • Doubling of the existing Saint-Louis tunnel (from 2 to 4 lanes), with the construction of two almost 500 m long single-track tunnels, on either side of the existing tracks.
  • The underground crossing of Marseille with a double tunnel, whose northern tube (4.8 km) wiis due to ll link the Paris-Lyon-Marseille (PLM) line in La Delorme to Saint-Charles station and the other tube (3.1 km) will link the Marseille – Ventimiglia line in the La Parette sector with Saint-Charles station.

Assisting the expansion of an essential European corridor of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) along the Mediterranean, the project is coupled with a major effort to modernize the Marseille-Ventimiglia line as part of the High-Performance Marseille-Ventimiglia (HPMV) project.

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